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I chose the theme of true colors for my stickers. It is inspired in the song “True Colors” from the movie Trolls. I love this song because it reminds me of how many times in life we can get discouraged and forget who we really are and how beautiful our true selves are. We all and each one of us can do greater things than we think we can. 🙂


First sketches

I had a first brainstorm of ideas about how to express love with symbols. I also had some ideas of how to express friendship phrases. But didn’t really know how to make the stickers become more symbolic rather than literal. And I felt like these ideas would make more sense with some kind of phrase next to it.

Second sketches

After thinking deeper about what to do, I chose only one of the love phrases I wrote down, and they are part of the song “True Colors”. So I began thinking on possible animals that are or can be very colorful such as a bird, a fish, an owl, etc. Then I thought to make them super colorful so they can express my theme, and began putting some random patterns on them, so I can filled them with different colors later!

First draft

My first draft was just making the outlines in illustrator. I chose to do the fish, the bird, and the phrase to link the stickers with that theme. I used a Wacom tablet and the pencil tool to make the patterns, that’s why the traces are very imperfect at this point.

Second draft with color

At this time I began correcting all my patterns with the white arrow tool, making shapes with the shape builder tool, and adding color on them. I picked a very colorful palette but was a little concerned about how to match all the colors together.

Final stickers

This is the finished version. I made some changes to the fish and the phrase sticker and finished adding color to them. I had to re-do some patterns on the fish to make it look better, and also added the same pattern idea to the words “Colors”. I hope they all feel part of the same set now 🙂


Sofia Atwood (Vega)

Sofia Atwood (Vega)

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I am a Senior studying Web Design & Development at BYU-Idaho. I do illustration and photography for fun. I love dancing and learning new languages.
Sofia Atwood (Vega)

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