The Plan

The objective of this project was to create a Gif using Adobe After Effects. Personally, I wanted to create something that was colorful, fun, and looked professional. I knew from the start that I wanted to do something Star Wars related, due to the fact that the new movie comes out in just a few days. So I started sketching.



The idea I had in my mind is somewhat iconic in the Star Wars world. I wanted to create a GIF of a flying X-Wing and something that felt cool, smooth, and heroic. I used reference from several different drawings and images to get the basic shapes of the plane and all of them seemed somewhat standard. I then got onto the idea of the X-Wing flying low to the water as rocks pass by and the water spits up behind the plane. All of these ideas are shown in my sketches.

The Vector Draft

My vector came together very quickly. Most of the objects are fairly simple and I used some slight gradients to give the image a little more depth. After that it was all fairly easy.

After Effect

Taking the file into after effects was easy and I was quickly able to get the rocks moving across the screen to simulate movement of the plane. I then just had to make the rock at the back move slower that the others and the one in the front move the fastest. This makes it easy to tell the distance of the rocks and their closeness to the camera. I then used an effect from the program to create the splashing water effect.


The Final Product

I was please with the final product! It came together nicely and was a great first experience with After Effects.


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