Can I just start by saying how relieved I am to be done with this? I was so stressed, but everything turned out fine. I was terrified of this project, but once I figured out the basics of After Effects, it all went really smoothly. Also I made sure to pick a design that I thought was reasonable and farely easy. It is a pretty basic design, and its far from perfect, but I’m still proud of myself for getting through it. 

I started out with just lots of sketches of a girl in a swimsuit diving from different angles. When I start animating my gif I realized that I would need to start from the very top in order to get her to be in a looping gif. The water drops were also hard, and I probably could have made them look a little more realistic, but I’m happy with where its at. 

It was interesting creating all of the different layers and being very specific in naming them, because its so easy to get lost in the design on gifs otherwise. 

While this was a really difficult project, I’m glad I got to do it, and that I was able to finish it. And, now I can put that I have basic skills with After Effects on my resume. 

LeeAnn Shaffer

LeeAnn Shaffer is a student studying Communications at BYU Idaho. She's passionate about human rights, hiking, and food, but not so much about design. She hopes to start law school in 2 years.

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