Sketching my Ideas

Winter Sticker Sketches

At the beginning of this project, I knew I wanted to do something wintery. I tried different winter ideas. Sweaters, hot chocolate, fire, snowman, and holiday recipes. Although I thought holiday objects would be fun, I felt most excited about snowman separates and holiday recipes. My idea for snowman separates was to kind of create a ‘build your own snowman’ type thing where you would add a nose, scarf, face, buttons, arms, etc.. In the end I decided that sounded more like a children’s sticker book than a sticker set, so I decided to go with holiday recipes.

Going with my first Idea:

For the holiday recipes I wanted to choose simple fun treats that could be made with only three ingredients. Here are the stickers I came up with (and below are the corresponding recipes!).

Holiday Treat Recipe Stickers

rudolph button nose treats

Overall, I thought it was a cute idea but I didn’t think it translated very well into stickers. So I decided to do holiday clothes, which is when I looked down at my sweater print leggings and knew I wanted to do some Christmas sweater print winter hats.

Finishing Up

I ended up loving this idea and had a lot of fun running with it. I looked at lots of different sweater patterns and made up a few of my own based on those. I also chose some different hat shapes – all with pom pom’s, because… well pom pom’s. I’m pretty happy with how they came out. So cute and wintery, I just want to put one on right now!

Winter Hat Vector Stickers

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