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For my Icons, I chose to do animals found in Africa. Ever since I was in third grade, I’ve had an obsession with Africa and I’ve done at least one project about Africa since. I figured african animals would be a fun adventure.



I was inspiried by Picasso’s “Bull” and the idea of deconstructing the animals. My sketches consisted of the original shape and the animals broken down.  My first attempts at designing the animals became very clunky. I wanted all the designs to have a similar style and feel. I started out with a white background and that caused me the most trouble.

Because of the white background, the zebra became lost. I had to add a stroke to the zebra which meant I had to add a stroke to everything. I felt my design was very heavy and something felt off. I realized that, instead of changing the stroke, I could change the backgound color. So I did.

Overall, I am proud of these designs. I learned quite a bit about clipping masks in this project. While the concept of clipping masks are easy to understand, I struggled with the execution. I found that everything could easily be misaligned and the pattern would be off. In the end, I was able to get them to work and I feel like my work is stronger because of it.



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Kaitlin McKenna is a Junior at Brigham Young University-Idaho. She is majoring in Visual Communications, specializing in Journalism, with a minor in Photography. She hopes to work with non-profit organizations.

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