Wild Animals of Alaska Icons | Vector Paths


Create an icon set of 12 icons using only Adobe Illustrator. These icons should all incorporate a similar theme and style.


Here is where I started the initial sketches. I wanted to do a theme I really loved. I decided that what better theme to do than Alaska. After brainstorming, I finally narrowed it down to animals of Alaska. I brainstormed every aspect of what I could put in this infographic and sketched away.

After these sketches, I went to work in Adobe Illustrator and started attempting my rounded square shaped vectors. 

Draft Icons:

First attempt. Yay. 


Plot Twist: Change of Plans

Here is where things got fun. I decided through my draft icons, that something wasn’t how I wanted it to be. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to start all over, so I let myself just experiment with one. So I experimented with the bald eagle. I decided I wanted to go with more of a circular theme. I promised myself that I didn’t like the ONE new icon I was testing out, I’d forget about it and stick with my rectangle theme. Well, shortly enough, I realized I loved the new theme and so I started from square 1! *PSA: it turns out designing is a lot more fun when you like what you’re designing. 

Here is the difference from my first bald eagle to my second bald eagle:


The Design: 

Color scheme: All of the colors I used were relative to each particular animal. Within that animal, I used value contrasts of the main color. 

I wanted to implement symmetry, while still allowing creative ability to add the occasional non-symmetrical shape/object. (See rockfish/orca.) The concept of the large eyes, all looking to the top right was incorporated to establish a sense of fun and happy animals. 

Although textures typically aren’t used within icons, I wanted to add some type of depth or contrast. So what I did was add some shadows and value contrast with different objects such as feathers or fur. 

See below:

Final Icons: 

Here we have the finished final product. From left to right, top to bottom, we have: Alaskan Dungeness Crab, Wolf, Bald Eagle, Owl, Mountain Goat, Seal, Puffin, Bear, Alaskan Yelloweye Rockfish, Fox, Orca and Moose. 

More of my work can be viewed at: www.briannahill.org.


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