As adults I feel like we can sometimes overcomplicate things when we should just take a step back, simplify things, and look at the situation almost as if a child would. Children are carefree and worry free. As I thought about what icon design to do, I decided to think like a child and go back to my childhood. I went with a theme from the 90’s television show Rugrats. With a theme of Rugrats, I wanted to create a series of icons to portray some of the most iconic objects from the show. While my icons would be tied specifically to the show, they could also be connected to the overall theme of children, toddlers, and babies.

Insert Sketches

As I worked on this first series of sketches, my focus was primarily on getting the right shape. TO further expound, I was so concentrated on trying to get my drawing perfect so I would take a lot of time on one sketch. I did attempt to master certain shapes and specific details while trying to envision Rugrats and the theme. Once I got one object sketched, I felt like it was completely done and that is why I don’t have so sketches of the same item. I didn’t explore that many options.


Considering my level of skill I thought that my first vector draft was decent. The feedback I received from my instructor was very useful. I realized that I had an over excessive use of the black border line, I wasn’t using shading to emphasize the shape of my objects, the nipple on the pacifier was way too large for a child, and the nipple on the bottle was not proportionate with the top or the bottle or the shape of it. I realized I had a lot of work and edits to do. It was very helpful because I realized there was a different way to bring out the shape of things so that viewers could get an actual feel of what I was doing.

Round Two Sketches:


Final Result: 


Thanks for watching Rugrats! I hope my icons were able to portray the show in an accurate, fun way. It was definitely a trip down memory lane as I tried to capture the essence of this show that was such a huge part of my childhood. It might be slightly embarrassing ot admit, but I did own all of the Rugrats movies and a Tommy doll. I guess I was a little obsessed. But overall I was really pleased with how the icons turned out. I tried my best to make edits according to the critiques I received and also the further instruction and knowledge I obtained pertaining to Illustrator.

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Bethany Jane

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