White Noise | Vector Paths

This gig poster is based on some creative rules and design objectives that were derived from word maps and sketches. My objectives were to use white space creatively, have two or three tone color, and incorporate an animal. These guided me as I sketched and illustrated. 

I exploited the freedom to sketch many ideas for this project. I pushed the envelop of many of them. This one was the one that accomplished the most. I liked the contrast of an animal head wearing human clothes. The headphones stood out and placed emphasis on music, which was perfect for my objectives.

I played around with various color schemes and patterns. The critiques for this design were that the headphones did not stand out, it looked blocky, and the patter on the jacket was incomplete and distracting. I took all of this into consideration, by adjusting my color scheme and changing my style approach. The bore fruit! During this process, I had a friend as me to make a design for a simple flyer for his dance party. I wanted an “afro guy” on the flyer. My epiphany came and I incorporated some other design elements together.

I with the significant change in style and color, the poster came together. My objectives didn’t change, but were accomplished more effectively. I feel that the colors worked well together and were appealing. I enjoyed merging human-like features with the animal theme. This design is an evolution of style. Despite much room for improvement, I am pleased with the result of this creative journey.







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