I worked on making a t-shirt using vector graphic. I tried to illustrate miscommunication between an American and an Asian (no racism here). When I came to the U.S. I had so many culture shocks. I think this one is one of my experiences. 



I thought of many culture shocks that I could think of. I asked my Asian friends if they have had any experiences. 


It’s very rough draft and I got the concept but it was so hard to use only four colors! I had to think of different ways of how to present it.


More sketches.

I decided to use halftone although I didn’t know how because I could never figure out what colors I should use. I made my characters even simpler than before and tried to different patterns.  



I really wanted to use mustard color for the shirt but the printing company didn’t have that color at the moment so I couldn’t use this. I used a black background (shirt color) for the final project.



I changed the eyes a little to look more like human eyes. 

From working on this project, I learned many ways to do halftone. It was a bit hard for me to choose a right subject but it was so fun to do what I like to do. I would love to design my shirt again in the future.



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