For my icon sets wanted to do food that can be found in a fridge. As I began to sketch it became evident that I needed to study my fridge. I knew there was milk and eggs but I couldn’t think of other things to put in it. I took twenty minutes to stare at the contents of my fridge and my neighbors fridge. 

I began to sketch like crazy! I wanted to think of every possibility of what something could look like. After sketching for a bit I began to see in my mind what I wanted my icons to look like. I wanted them to be very simple vectors of things I wanted them to be obvious what they are based on the shape and the color with no labels or letters. 

When I went into illustrator to create my first half of the icon set I was not very excited and I really wanted to do something different. But I decided to go ahead and do the second half. After I saw all twelve Icons together, I loved them! 

I am pleased with how they turned out, I think the hardest thing was to find things that could be easily recognizable. I tried to do jello but it was hard to find a common way to show jello in a way that would be easily recognizable as jello. 

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