Time to get a Watch!

I have always loved Fossil, I love their bags, their wallets, and I really love their watches. So when we had to choose a watch to design I automatically knew I wanted to do a Fossil watch. My favorite thing about the Fossil brand is just how classic and timeless, pun intended, their pieces are.

As I started to sketch a few different watches I really tried to focus on the little details. Giorgio Armani said “to create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.” As I looked at different types of watch hands and bodies I knew that I wanted to do something simple so that I could really focus on getting the details right.

As I started my vector graphs I had a lot of fun working with the gradients and mixing colors and then I started to realized how hard it was. This was my first time using gradients in Illustrator and I actually really like them! I think that they have the power to take your design to the next level or make it look very amateur. In class I got feed back to use a gradient on my strokes for the bar that connects the band to the watch. This helped a ton because I didn’t ever know that you could use a gradient on a stroke. I also got some feedback to add more detail to my watch body and to add more white highlights. As I incorporated this feedback into my design I really started to see how my watch began to look more realistic.

I really like how my watch turned out. I feel like I could work on my designs forever and change things but I feel like I learned so much with this project. I not only learned how to use gradients but also gradient meshes, clipping masks, textures, and how to work with shapes more. I really try to keep my design simple and balanced and I feel like as I tried to focus on the detail that I was able to keep the simple design and add detail just enough to make it look realistic.



I am a communications major at BYU-Idaho with an emphasis in visual communications.

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