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I have always had a love for New York and wanting to be a part of the big city. I wanted to share that love through a Gig Poster Design for a band of my own creation. I didn’t start out thinking about New York though, and this write-up will explain my process in creating it. My overall objective with this design is to express my love of pop music in our millennial culture.

Honestly, every time that I start a project I always start to sketch out my ideas, and I feel that my first ideas are always exciting but not very good. I was originally starting out with ideas that were more punk rock and heavy metal, but after listening to Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York” I realized that I wanted to change my idea. I started to think about what I could create that reminded me of New York. The skyscrapers that tower over the city I feel make the city unique and individual. I began to sketch out how I was going to do with my design.

After receiving feedback I was able to recreate the skylines making them more detailed along with windows. I improved the colors of the buildings to increase the contrast between each of the skyscrapers. I increased the size of the Empire State Building, and I spent an ENTIRE evening on creating the silhouette of the man hanging on to the top of the Empire State Building. I was grateful for the feedback because it helped me to improve the overall detail of the design.

I am very proud of this design because I know how much effort was put into this design. With every design, I strive to push the limits of my creativity. I am striving to do the things that improve my skills as a creative designer, and every day I am learning something new about Adobe Illustrator that helps me to become a better designer. I believe that this poster successfully portrays my pop culture message.

Adam Harper

Adam Harper

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Adam Harper

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