Welcome to My World | Vector Paths

The project:

So at first I had no idea what to do my gig poster. I had a word list of things that I didn’t like in the world. It was a pretty long list. Then I thought of the things that liked. It was a long list too. With the list, I drew something for every word. This was just for me to think of ideas to do. Sometimes it was super hard to draw because it was random words. 

It happened to be that I had a lot of good themes or messages that I wanted to do but making the project not look like garbage was a different story.

In this project, I changed my mind maybe 6x. At first I wanted to do a under water themed one. It was more about the beauty that you can see below the surface. When I working on it, the project didn’t look how I wanted it to look like. The work look like a 5 year old trying to draw something that they never saw before. In other words, you wouldn’t have an idea what it was.

Then I came up with this idea…”Welcome to My World.” My message is that everyone is different and with different stories. “Not Your Reality” is to open the eyes of the people to see what’s out there in the beautiful yet crazy world we live it.

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