For my first attempt at an icon set using Illustrator (a relatively new and previously unfamiliar software), I feel relieved, exhausted, enlightened, impressed, and in some areas, disappointed. In the end, I am grateful to finish, and I look forward to improving my skills. That being said, let’s get into the finer details of this project. 

It all began with some rough sketches. What seemed a little daunting at first became easier once I picked a topic that I could get behind: ice cream. How many different illustrations can I use to represent various forms and serving methods of ice cream? I wondered. My initial brainstorm led to this:

I wanted to use ice cream, partially because I love ice cream, and I wanted to draw something I love. I also knew I could generate variety in the icons.

I found some creativity and motivation for my last main icon sketches, and began adding my final six to the mix. I feel frustrated sometimes to realize how I could be doing more details and make the illustrations look better, but then I remember that I just began heavily using this program a few weeks ago. It’s coming along!


I have rough drafts to guide my last drawings, and I’ll add color, try to unify the whole with repetition, and polish some final details. I am excited to see how it turns out!


Above, you can see a little peek at my designing process. 

The feedback I received helped me realize how I add shadows. I attempted to add a shadow to the chocolate bar, as suggested. I have a long way to come in this regard because I am still grasping the basics. I believe that the project did allow me to meet my main objectives:

-tap into my creativity and enjoy it!

-become more familiar and comfortable with the tools

-get a feel for the design process for icons

I definitely feel more comfortable that I did, less afraid to experiment. I also enjoyed the creative process and I know a little more about designing icons. 



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