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In this project, students are tasked with creating a photo-realistic vector illustration of a timepiece in Adobe Illustrator from scratch

Color Wheel You Please Show Up on Time?

It’s time  to talk about watches. I classify watches in two categories: watches that are made to be functional and helpful in telling the time and date, and watches that are pretty jewelry and also happen to tell time. My watch that I created is the latter. My... read more

“It’s 10:11 Somewhere.”

When I set out to replicate this gorgeous Olivia Burton watch, I honestly did not know what I was getting myself into. The only thing I could see was a beautiful, deep brown face with gorgeous rose gold metal features. I fell in love, and for the past two weeks,... read more

Nine West by a Wedemeyer

This section of the class we were given the challenge of creating a photorealistic watch. I chose to recreate my own watch that I wear.  Sketches First, I sketched my watch and sketched out the tiniest of details as well in order to really understand them.  Draft Next... read more

Watch Yourself

Whew. This project was intimidating. At first when this project was introduced I thought “oh yeah, I can do this”. And then as I started working and messing around I realized… I am not nearly as skilled as I think I am. Sometimes it’s hard for... read more

Expanding Limits

I was excited to start this project, I already knew that I would want to do a pocket watch that was classic and gold. I started looking for the watch of my dreams, and I found it, eventually. I used a different photo for reference when I started sketching, but the... read more


Whoa! What a project! I am so happy with how my vector Fossil watch turned out. It was a daunting task yet I am really happy with the final product.  THE PROCESS: SKETCHING:  This project require less sketching and more illustrator time but the sketching phase was... read more

Isn’t it About Time?

These past 2 weeks we were given the challenge of creating a photo-realistic watch, all in Adobe Illustrator. This project was definitely an ability stretcher for me, but it was fun to learn different tips and tricks to make a piece of vector art look like a real... read more

Kate Spade or Kate Austin?

HOLY COW it’s done! This project was so unbelievably fun for me, as much as I wanted to throw my laptop at the wall sometimes. But I loved the creativity behind making something photorealistic.  My goal was to take my favorite watch, The Fifth Tribeca watch, and... read more

What Time is It?

This project definitely stretched me and challenged me to look at things in a new way. After doing this project I feel like there are so many things can be done in illustrator that I’m not eve aware of. The goal for this project was to create a photo realistic... read more

Always Watching…

This was a really fun project. At first it seemed like a tall order making a watch look photo realistic. I really liked learning how to use gradients in an effective way. I have always been told to never use gradients for anything. Gradients when used incorrectly can... read more

Watch the Time (Disappear)

Taking on the task of creating a photorealistic watch can be summarized in a few words: Thrilling. Frustrating. Time-consuming.  Going into this I knew I wanted to do my absolute best to make an impressive vector graphic that I could put in my portfolio. With that, I... read more

Wake Up! by TJ Boyle

I decided to make my vector timepiece on a modern day alarm clock. This is something we all can relate too, and I thought it would be fitting for this project. The piece I designed is based on my iHome that sits at my apartment. I mostly wanted to take an object that... read more

What time is it?

So far I think this has been the best project. I realized that I really enjoy working with photorealism. I know I am still learning, but I hope in time I can get better. At the beginning I wasn’t sure what kind of clock I wanted to do so I did some sketches.... read more

It’s About Time – Watch

Time is a fickle things. People come up with riddles about time and people ponder about time. Me? I created a time piece. Lately when it comes to designing, I have been designing the easy way. I wouldn’t do anything complicated then later I would complain that I... read more