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In this project, students are tasked with creating a photo-realistic vector illustration of a timepiece in Adobe Illustrator from scratch

A Shadow of a Watch

In creating this watch I started with multiple different watches and sketched different ideas that I liked to get “the juices flowing” and this process helped me to decide on which watch I wanted to create.  Here is the original photo. I chose it because... read more

Refection of Time

I have always been really excited to do this project. I have had many friends take Vector Graphics and they always said that their work improved so much after this project. I really enjoyed this project and all the things that I learned from it. The object of this... read more

Omega: Master of the Sea

The objective for this project was a very simple one—find an image of a timepiece with moving parts, and recreate that image using only vectors in Adobe Illustrator. To select my timepiece, I turned to a favorite YouTube reviewer of mine, Nick Shabazz. Nick is a... read more

Timepiece Final

This project was nothing short of the hardest project I have done thus far in my college career. I doubted a bit that it was going to be as hard as Brother Kerr said it was going to be, but he did not lie. At the beginning I decided to stick to my Disney theme and do... read more

Patience & Time

Those are the two things that were used up most with the project, my patience & time. I knew that I wanted to do some sort of retro watch so and found this sweet old school swatch watch. Looking back now, I probably wouldn’t have done a watch with some many... read more

The Time of My Life

Creating this project has been one of the most intimidating projects I have ever done, but the end result has been so sweet. I feel the greatest feeling of accomplishment, while I believe I could pick at this project tweaking everything for the next 100 years, I am... read more

“Watch” me break a record

There were two things I could break: The record time I’ve spent on a vector design and/or the record player watch itself from shear frustration. However, I only broke one thing, and it wasn’t the record player watch. For you to see the process of this... read more

Fossil Watch

The job was to create and design a photo-realistic watch. This project was challenging and required a lot of patience. Paying attention to little details and lighting also was an important part of this project. My objective is to pay attention to shapes, shadows and... read more

Clocked In

I have been using Adobe Illustrator for a good while now, but I would not consider myself being even close to a professional. There are many things that I was completely unable to do simply because I had never had (what I felt was) a need to do them. This project... read more

Watch You Lookin’ At?

First of all, what a project. This is something that I never thought I could do as well as I have. I was sure this project was going to be a disaster, but it really wasn’t that awful! Yay! I started this project out by doing sketches. This was a hard part for me... read more


Creating a watch from a reference photo took a lot of patience and time. I cannot even imagine starting with nothing. I first chose a reference photo and then started to sketch from there. I had a lot of different ideas and eventually brought them all together in the... read more

What time is it?

As I was looking for a watch I was looking for something simple and flat, because I am not that good with depth and the gradients. But looking back on it now I wish I would have pushed myself further instead of trying to find the easy way out. While sketching I was... read more

Arvo Watch

I love the Arvo watches. They are very classy and affordable. This Arvo watch is one of my favorites and I thought it would be fun to take on the task. My objective is to make this watch realistic and to improve from my icon set. For my sketches, I used an image of... read more

Camera Stickers

I have to be honest, this project was really interesting for me. Not because what I created was interesting or that the idea of making stickers was interesting…it was interesting because I started out by diving right into it and producing my (basically) final... read more