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In this project, students are tasked with creating a photo-realistic vector illustration of a timepiece in Adobe Illustrator from scratch

The Nixon 51-30 is back!

A photo realistic watch took me a great amount of time. I enjoyed creating something that looks like a real photograph. It was hard and stressful but totally worth it. The hardest part is never feeling like you are totally done. I can stare at this watch for hours and... read more

Watch Out!

Photorealism As the name suggests, photorealism is a form of art that seeks to create the appearance that the illustration is actually a photo. Also, as you might guess, this art form is very difficult. I genuinely thought this would be the most difficult thing I will... read more

What to Do With the Time That is Given Us

My purpose is to create a realistic looking graphic of a watch from my favorite watch company, Arvo.  As I design this watch I will learn how to use gradients, masks, and transparency in Adobe Illustrator, as well as improving my other skills in illustrator. After I... read more

Time Well Spent

The watch I chose was a minimalist watch and yet it still indeed took quite a while to create. I loved working on it though as it helped me t created the smallest minute details f this watch. I particularly loved working on the glass and inner workings of the clock... read more

Time Attack!

Making a photo realistic time piece? Yeah, no way. That’s what I normally would think about taking such a project. but here I am, taking a stab at it.  First, the sketching. Watches are pretty intricate things, and come in TONS of shapes and sizes. Who knew... read more

Timely Inspiration

My objectives for this timepiece project developed with some learning experiences. I realized that contrast was going to be a key element of this piece, os my objectives were to create piece that showed powerful shadows and lighting through contrast, was symmetrical,... read more

Time’s a Tickin’

For this endeavor I wanted to create a photorealistic watch, and at first that was going to be based off of the first generation Moto 360, a smartwatch that I own and wear regularly. But before I really got going on this project, I was offered some friendly advice... read more

Making Time for Watches

This project of creating a photorealistic watch has been an interesting one for me. While designing it, I have learned many new tools and techniques to improve my skills in Adobe Illustrator. The most prominent of which was determining the proper use of gradients. I... read more

Making Watches Takes Time

Project Parameters The purpose of this Project was to create a realistic watch vector in Illustrator. This was a project that was going to push me to learn some new skills and I wanted to challenge myself by creating a complex watch that had many different depth,... read more

The(Photorealistic)Horse Watch

I chose to do a photorealistic illustration and vector graphic of The Horse timepiece.  I started out looking at my own watch and sketching different parts of a watch from different angles and learning how those were created with shapes and various shading. I noticed... read more

The “easy” vector timepiece

It’s funny; when I decided that I wanted to recreate a realistic timepiece using vector graphics to better learn Adobe Illustrator, I thought I’d choose an easy watch to reference. Little did I know, no watch is an easy watch to recreate. I quickly learned this. In... read more

Timepiece Project

The inspiration for the watch that I chose to recreate out of vectors was partly chosen due to the leather band and the texture that could be seen. I do prefer a more simple style of watches, and this one seemed like a good combination. I was really worried about how... read more

Watch This

The hands of the watch are so small yet need something to give them depth. To make this, you could copy the all the hands and make one object out of them by using the pathfinder tool. Then you can use the offset path tool to make it just a little bigger and stick out... read more

Always Watching…

Creating a vector watch for the first time was pretty cool! Although it took quite a bit of time, I really liked making it and I felt this sense of gratification finishing it. Here’s what I did to create mine. My Process: Step 1: I searched various different... read more

This took a lot of Time

From the beginning of the semester when this watch assignment was introduced, I knew that I would use the watch that my mama gave me. This is not the exact one, but it is very very similar. I just got the photo off of google. I thought that since the watch was so... read more

Little Bird

My core objectives in creating this timepiece set were to focus primarily on what makes a vector appear three-dimensional and learn new techniques in making flat objects appear realistic.  SKETCHES:  My first round of sketches focused on the different aspects of the... read more