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In this project, students are tasked with creating a photo-realistic vector illustration of a timepiece in Adobe Illustrator from scratch

Camera Stickers

I have to be honest, this project was really interesting for me. Not because what I created was interesting or that the idea of making stickers was interesting…it was interesting because I started out by diving right into it and producing my (basically) final... read more

Rollin’ with the Rolex

Creating a photorealistic image with only vector graphics seemed like a very daunting and seemingly impossible task. It took every ounce of strength to not through my laptop at the wall and give up. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. Beginning with sketches, I knew... read more

Only Time Can Tell

I had no idea what to expect going into this- I just knew that it was going to be hard, and I knew it was going to be worth it. I actually never wear or buy silver jewelry, and it surprised me that throughout this entire process my personal tastes actually interfered... read more

Watch the Time

As this project started, I was very hesitant. After some brainstorming and looking at what seemed like hundreds of watches, I started the process with sketches. I wanted something simplistic, timeless, and classic. A timepiece that could really stand the test of time... read more

Watch Out . . . It might be real

This is my final draft of a watch. The picture on the left inspired the watch on the right, which I created on Adobe Illustrator. I sketched out a rough draft of the watch, then separated the watch into individual components. I played with the shadows and shading in... read more

Watch Creation

Wow, what a couple of weeks it has been! This project has been a real stressor for me! It has caused me to really think and look at things (I mean everything) differently. This project was really difficult, but it has taught me SO MUCH and I am so grateful for that.... read more


Beginning this project was intimidating.  As I began this project I knew nothing about how to design a photo realistic vector watch.  My knowledge of gradients and patterns was non-existent.  My objective was to design a simple watch and demonstrate a proper use of... read more

Digital Age

I designed a new watch with a digital face but an ancient inspiration. This watch was created by me with reference to real world materials. I started off with sketches of different types of watches. I made different shapes and experimented with unique figures. From... read more

Time is Real

For this project, my goal was to make a watch that looks realistic. I went to my sketch book and went to work figuring different parts of a watch and their shading. After looking at multiple watches and their different parts, I found a photo of a watch from Pinterest... read more

Never Settle. Always Subtle.

I should start off by saying that I do not, under any circumstances, consider myself a graphic designer. Seven weeks ago I didn’t know how to use half the tools in Adobe Illustrator’s toolbar. Now I do. Know half, that is. I am however a patient person who pays... read more


I. The objective of this study was to recreate a realistic time piece. I was given the option to recreate a time piece of my choice whether it was a watch that I owned or one online. II.  Brainstorming: This was one of the most challenging steps I went through. For... read more

Creating Time

For this vector watch project, I decided to recreate a fossil watch I found online that had silver straps and case as well as a turquoise face. This project took a lot of trial and error for me to portray on to illustrator the shapes, shadows, highlights and mid-tones... read more

Watch Me Create

Making a Photo-Realistic Watch in Adobe Illustrator I am not at all kidding when I tell you that this was the most difficult yet rewarding project of my college career thus far! I had never tried any photo-realism before, and I never imagined the amount of time and... read more

What the Watch!

Here is what I started out with as a draft. To my surprise, I was able to work and create a face of gradients better than I expected to. What really got me was making a photorealistic watch band. Later, you will see that I was able to get gradients on the band to make... read more

Copper clock on my wall

This project I worked on is my first time to use Illustration to make a photo-realistic vector graphic. It was very useful time to learn how to use Gradients effectively. Choose watch/clock I had to research different kinds of clock or watch. I really liked the color... read more

Oh Look at the Time!

During the course of this project, every time I looked up from working on my watch, I was in shock that I’d been working for so long; hence my title. This project was a crazy one. My goal was to make a vector, photo-realistic time piece. The amount of time that went... read more

Watch Time Is It?

For the past two weeks I have been working on making an realistic watch in Illustrator and it is safe to say that I have come a long way since the first week of this class. This project was not only time consuming, but it took a lot of patience to do all the details... read more

Watching for Details

This project forced me to look at small details in a live object (in this case, a watch) and analyze the patterns of light reflected on the object. Noticing the highlights and shadows helped me to see the direction from which the light source came, and it also helped... read more

Sound The Alarm

I’m gonna be honest, I did not think that I could do this project to create a photorealistic watch with the amount of experience with graphic design and Adobe Illustrator that I have. However, I completely surprised myself. I actually pulled it off! SKETCHES My... read more

Square Time Teller

Time Square or Square Time Teller? Today I was watching a documentary on Netflix about design. The designer that they were spotlighting was talking about if someone started to draw hearts as squares it would be so abstract that most people would not understand that... read more