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In this project, students are tasked with creating a photo-realistic vector illustration of a timepiece in Adobe Illustrator from scratch

It’s About Time

This project was almost the death of me. It made me so anxious, and I think it must be the perfectionist in me. It was really hard to figure out what I wanted to do, how I wanted to do it and I restarted about four to five times on a new watch each time. Here is my... read more

John Mayer’s Favorite Watch

INTRODUCTION The goal I set out in the beginning of this project was to create the most realistic looking watch that I could using only vectors. I have had some experience using Adobe Illustrator but I have never tried to re create a realistic object before. Another... read more

Killing Time | Vector Timepiece

It’s funny how much you don’t know about something about something until you spend two weeks creating it in illustrator, am I right? The criteria for this project was to make a photo-realistic time piece with moving parts (not animated, just parts that... read more

High Contrast Adidas Watch

So this assignment has me never wanting to see another watch again like I assume most of y’all are feeling the same way, So I had a lot of challenges with this project one of the many was I accidentally deleted my ai file and had to restart but that wasn’t... read more

So small it could fit in your Pocket

Yet again another strenuous yet very knowledgeable project down. Despite all the scare tactics drilled into the minds of those starting the watch I really enjoyed getting to know how to make gradients and blurs look very nice and realistic. I have always adored pocket... read more

What Time Is It?

  To start out this project I found a few photos of watches I wanted to choose from. I narrowed it down to the one with the words THE HORSE on it. I loved the style and thought it would be cool to recreate the watch. The following photo is the sketches I started out... read more

What Time is it?

Time to get a Watch! I have always loved Fossil, I love their bags, their wallets, and I really love their watches. So when we had to choose a watch to design I automatically knew I wanted to do a Fossil watch. My favorite thing about the Fossil brand is just how... read more

Watch Me Illustrate

As I began the is project, I decided to choose a watch that I would wear but that could push me past my limits. I felt rather comoftable with illustrator but this project humbled me. I have never attempted to make anything look realistic in vector form and allthough... read more

Time Keeps On Ticking

Starting out on this project I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew I wanted to do a pocket watch, but I wasn’t sure where to start. I started by going online and finding different watches that I liked. I chose several that had elements I liked and... read more

Dark Times

“Dark Times” – Matthew Rapp This project was a blast. SO much work, but I feel so accomplished and feel so much better as a graphic designer. First, here is the watch I tried to design. I started off with some sketches. I really am not good at... read more

Save the Cheerleader. Save the World.

As I started this project, I did a Google image search for watches. However, one thought kept coming to my mind: Do something you are passionate about. Brother Kerr said that to our class as we begun our Icon sets. I applied it to this project. I chose a watch from my... read more

Realistic Vectorized Wrist Watch

  THE PROJECT The very first step I take when approaching any creative project is asking myself, “why I am doing this project?” I need to have a purpose behind my work that drives me to the finish, putting forth my best effort along the way. I am always trying to... read more

Time for some marble

  Photorealism. It’s amazing what some people can do. The question is, could I.  I knew this project was coming and I was scared out of my mind. I’ve had assignments in my photography classes on shooting metal, and I know how hard that is. So I knew... read more

It’s Time to Turn This In!

  So I started out by drawing out all the watches that I thought were pretty cute and that attracted my eyes. I also thought of watches that I would like to design myself and that I thought would look nice on my own wrist. I also was inspired by the watch that I wear... read more

Womens Skagen

    Finding this watch online, I chose it for its simplicity but uniqueness from the face. I sketched out the main elements and broke them up. Next, I took each of the simple shape sketches and created them in illustrator. Starting with these basic shapes first... read more

Tick Tock

Watches are fascinating to me. They each have different parts the separate them from other watches making them unique. I love how there is so much detail in every piece.  Kate Spade is famous for her classic designs especially in her watches. The simple color schemes... read more