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In this project, students are tasked with creating a photo-realistic vector illustration of a timepiece in Adobe Illustrator from scratch

Always Watching…

Creating a vector watch for the first time was pretty cool! Although it took quite a bit of time, I really liked making it and I felt this sense of gratification finishing it. Here’s what I did to create mine. My Process: Step 1: I searched various different... read more

This took a lot of Time

From the beginning of the semester when this watch assignment was introduced, I knew that I would use the watch that my mama gave me. This is not the exact one, but it is very very similar. I just got the photo off of google. I thought that since the watch was so... read more

Little Bird

My core objectives in creating this timepiece set were to focus primarily on what makes a vector appear three-dimensional and learn new techniques in making flat objects appear realistic.  SKETCHES:  My first round of sketches focused on the different aspects of the... read more

It’s That Time Again…

I have a thing for retro clocks. As I was deciding which direction to go in for this assignment, I knew I wanted to remain true to my personal style. So I chose to base my timepiece off of this clock I found on Modcloth:  This clock has a very modern, retro look which... read more

Hey, what time is it?

Wow. Wow. All I can really say is WOW. Not because of the results of this watch, but because of the immediate burden of anxiety that has been lifted from my aching shoulders. This project invited eyes full of tears, head slapping, keyboard pounding, and breaking my... read more

Nose to the Gradient Stone

Creating a photo-realistic watch in adobe illustrator is no easy task. It takes a lot of time, analyzing, and effort. Like always you have to begin with sketching, but it is different when you are going off of a photograph. You’re sketching becomes a way for you... read more

Keeping Watch

When I first started working on this project, I thought I wanted to do my sister’s watch. She had purchased herself a watch when she turned 18 that was a rose gold Fossil watch, though slightly clunky for my personal taste. I decided I would rather do a watch I... read more

Say Hello to Skeuomorphism

I wanted to try out skeuomorphic design with this project. Skeuomorphic design is most popularly known thanks to Apple, as it made it widely-accessible and famous with the iPhone. Overtime, it has failed to flat design. While skeuomorphic design has fallen to the more... read more

A Race Against Time

This project was quite time consuming… No pun inteded. The objective was to create a photorealistic watch based on this fossil watch that I thought looked really visually appealing. I didn’t bother counting my layers, but I would not be surprised if... read more

St. Catherine Point Swatch

Making a skeuomorphic Swatch This was quite the project, but I’m excited to share with you what I’ve made! In order to get started I had to pick a watch, and I picked St. Catherine Point Swatch from 1988. I love this watch because I really like the colors,... read more

Wouldja Look At the Time

I learned SO MUCH during this project! I thought it was super frustrating at first because I felt like I wouldn’t get the hang of it. After going into the computer lab and getting help for hours, I started to understand the process better. I learned a lot more... read more

Island Time Is The Best Time

This assignment has a simple object, but the process was anything but simple! We chose a timepiece design and then we were to replicate it making a photo realistic timepiece vector graphic. To say I learned a lot during this process would be the understatement of the... read more

The Cheap Watch

I decided to design a Timex watch. This decision was made pretty much just because that is what I have been wearing on my wrist as of late.  I started off by sketching out a bunch of different watch pieces. I focused mostly on details such as watch hands, the knob, an... read more

POP Swatch

To start, this project kicked my butt. This is one of those ‘easier said than done’ kind of projects, but none the less it started all as a sketch. I chose a swatch because I collect them and I figured it wouldn’t be too crazy since they have some... read more