When I started this project, my original plan was to try and recreate a children’s watch, I thought that was an interesting idea and that it would be fun. So as I was searching for watches to use as a reference for the vector graphic, I stumbled upon the watch that was the basis for this one. It cost around $20,000. I was flabbergasted. So as a result I changed my mind and grabbed this one instead.

Pardon my the quality of the photo of my sketches, but here is where I started. I wanted to try and capture the reference photo. You’ll see it in my draft, but I wanted to be different and not only just do the watch, but I wanted it to be unique to me and I wanted it to feel a little more real to me. My watches never look as nice as when you see them in pictures, people touch them and scuff them. So to honor that idea as you can see in my sketch. I wanted to put a finger print on the face of the watch.

The watch on the right was what I was going for, and here is what I had when the first week rolled around. I created the finger print through using the action command in illustrator and my thought was that the filter tool that you find in illustrator would give the print a more realistic approach. I used gradients to help give a shine and to also give it some shadow. 

Once the first critique came along, I learned that making the bands is something that I wasn’t really good at, the filter tool is something that you shouldn’t use in illustrator and you need to keep digging in order to give more depth to the vector that you are creating.

Here is the same image as the one up top, I learned what the gradient mesh tool was and how to use it. I also learned how to more effective use the draw inside tool to create a clipping mask so that you could make shadow within the object without ruining the image. I also learned that starting early at a project and make sure that you work on it a bunch each day, you can achieve far greater than if you did a little here and a little there.

Here is the final watch without the design process. So you can see it the final product and you can compare where I started to where I finished.

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