Watch the Time | Vector Paths

As this project started, I was very hesitant. After some brainstorming and looking at what seemed like hundreds of watches, I started the process with sketches. I wanted something simplistic, timeless, and classic. A timepiece that could really stand the test of time is the type of watch I wanted to replicate. 

While sketching, I really studied different aspects of the watch, including the face, the rim, the knobs, etc. I also focused on the light and how much depth went into a watch, and how I could recreate a photorealistic watch. What I particularly noticed is that light would probably be the most important part in making a watch. 

After sketching, I finally found a watch I wanted to replicate. I really tried to build each layer from the in on out. My first rough digital sketch was rough, but it really helped me study the light and layers that would go into fully creating this watch. 

I kept at it. The thing that I regret not using more was the gradient mesh map tool, but that really helped me on the metal pieces on the top and bottom. I also really struggled with the band. After some work, I learned that the shift from light to dark and dark to light is really what enhanced the light whether it be on the band, or on the face of the watch itself. Shadows and highlights also helps me build depth on the actual face of the watch. After taking in some more feedback, I tried to increase the change in light to make it look more photorealistic. This timeless piece really came to life after I placed every item together. 



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