Considering the past couple of weeks, I’ve personally been staring a different watches so why not make a reverse engineer post about a vector example I found on Pinterest. For this post, there were three things that really stood out to me. Which are the highlights, shadows and the realisticness of the leather band.


This is obviously done by someone that knew what they were doing. The highlights are not just realistic but I love that they are subtle enough to make your eyes move throughout the watch. They create movement in a stationary image.


The shadows not only give it the depth taking it to a flat 2-D image to a 3-D image. It also strategically done so you can tell where the light hits it and separates it from overlapping objects.


The little details of this image are what really makes it an amazing vector. On the dial, it looks like you could actually spin it. The biggest thing that makes this vector is the leather band the stitches are so realistic how the ones on top are thicker than behind are a lot thinner and smaller in general also you can tell its leather by just looking at it. It ‘feels’ smooth and by using shadows to create the curves that are in the band help tremendously.



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