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As I began the is project, I decided to choose a watch that I would wear but that could push me past my limits. I felt rather comoftable with illustrator but this project humbled me. I have never attempted to make anything look realistic in vector form and allthough it was tough, I truly enjoyed it. I started by creating the frame of the watch and then I worked on the face, the hands and the glass to start. I had to recreate the tick marks using the rotate tool many times to make it look right. I think it could look a bit better but I am happy with how it turned out.

The Last thing I worked on during the project were the bands. I knew they would be a challenge so I waited till the end to do them. I was struggling with clipping masks and the blur tools trying to make them look realistic. Then I found the Mesh mask. This was an amazing tool that allowed me to create the dimensions and effects I was looking for. It took me a lot of time to figure it all out and make it look decent, but I am grateful for that tool. I didnt love the texture of the watch in the picture so I decided to leave it looking more like a new leather finish.

Overall, I am grateful for the learning that took place and the knowledge I gained in completing this project and I feel much more confident in designing realistic designs. I am happy with my results and I look forward to creating similar designs in the future.



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