This week We were given the task of designing and then creating in real life, three stickers that were well designed and looked like a set. 


As always I began at the drawing board sketching some ideas I had for stickers.  I definitely wanted to go with a travel theme this time, because that is the kind of sticker I would put on my laptop, books, or suitcases.  I started with some different ways to incorporate planes, passports, globes, compasses, cityscapes, maps, etc all things that people generally associate with travel.  After sketching for a few days I went on to the drawing board of Illustrator. 

After creating some drafts in Illustrator we had a critique in class.  During the critique in class and on facebook some tangents on my “Explore” sticker were noted as well as some font critiques on wanderlust.  I was also told my stickers were too font heavy and to limit text to just one of my stickers.  It was also mentioned to reconsider the color of my suitcase, as the rest of my stickers were very muted colors and this suitcase was a lot more saturated in colors.

After this critique and some more playing around in illustrator these were the final drafts that I came up with.  I changed my suitcase color to match the blue theme I had going in my other stickers, and added some detail to my bumper stickers decorating the case.  I removed the text completely from the suitcase as well as I felt it didn’t fit as well as did my other text.  I also removed the text form my globe sticker and adjusted my plane direction as to avoid the tangents that were caused before.  I made the font on my travel sticker using the line width and line tools, but it seemed to thin and hard to read so I adjusted the thickness and the angle of some of the text and I really like the minimalist look of it now. 

We’re going to have a sticker exchange Tuesday night so we can see all the stickers that the class has created and I’m really excited to see my finished product and see what everyone else has produced.  I’m proud of seeing these stickers come to life and they are definitely ones that I will be putting on my laptop and other items soon.


Danielle Esplin is a Senior studying Visual Communication & Chinese at Brigham Young University Idaho.

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