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Since I am designing a gig poster this week, I figured it was only right that I find a gig poster that I liked to talk about in this reverse engineer post. I’m a fan of the band Walk The Moon and I’ve seen their gig poster before and thought they were pretty cool. When I looked online for them, this was one that caught my eye. 

The first thing that caught my eye when I saw this poster were the colors. Obviously they are bright and really pop. If this poster was up on a wall next to a bunch of others, your eye would be drawn to the bright neon colors. When I clicked on this poster and saw it’s title I realized that the poster was playing off of a title of one of the band’s songs called Different Colors. Another great part of this poster was that only three colors were used but the words are not at full opacity so we get a cool green and purple in places. 



The next thing I noticed about this gig poster that I liked was that many of the letters are just shapes. The repetition of the shapes give everything a cohesive look. We also have repetition of the colors and the patterns. All of this repetition makes the gig poster look professional and well thought out.




The best part of this poster, in my opinion, is the overlap of the shapes forming the words. Like I mentioned above, the overlap having a low opacity gives us some great colors without sacrificing the three color theme. Another great part of the overlap is that it gives us a little bit of dimension. It gives a little bit of the same feel as layered tissue paper in decoupage. It’s fun and light, exactly like the band. 



The particular gig poster is direct about the message, but uses an unusual way to convey the message. The shapes creating words are eye catching and make the reader look a little closer to see the real detail in this poster. And one of the great parts about this is that the title of the poster “Different Colors” is a song title directly from a Walk The Moon album. The designer really made sure this poster relevant to fans and the band.



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