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When first trying to come up with an idea of what to do for my gig poster my mind was all over the place! At first I thought it would be fun to do a stranger things inspired poster since the second season had just come out, but once I got to Illustrator my ideas weren’t coming together. So then I wanted to do something with a boombox mixed in with another Netflix show, which is what most of these sketches show. However, once again I was not getting the results I wanted so I started over.

From starting over I had an idea of doing something geometric so I thought it would be interesting to do a face with a “broken mind” and started sketching it out. After figuring out how to create the shapes in the face and highlights in the broken glass I had the idea of incorporating one of my favorite books, Throne of Glass, which is why I started playing around with a crown and getting her shattered mind to morph into the crown on top.

That is where my draft comes in. Here I hadn’t incorporated the crown yet, but I was trying to work on making the same highlights in the face onto some of the pieces of glass as well to make it more cohesive. I was also playing around with strokes because I wanted it to feel like a geometric face and changed a couple of areas around her eye to make it more defined and then begun creating the crown.

Finally this idea came out exactly how I imagined and thanks to some help and critique I was able to get that defined look I wanted as well incorporate my “Throne of Glass” theme in the crown and blood red background. Since everything else was so busy I was given the idea of making the text simple and small as to not take away from the face. Overall I think it turned out great and Trono di Verto gets to play at the Hollywood Bowl on Nov 14! 

Larissa Medina

Larissa Medina

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