I can honestly say, this project was a little tough for me. I started out with an idea I was really passionate about. Every time I showed my stickers to someone, I would have to explain it. I felt that defeated the idea of a sticker. So I started over and did something more fun.

Monster Cupcakes.

The idea was first suggested to me by a co-worker when he saw me trying to figure out the ins and outs of illustrator. I was creating a cupcake with teeth and claws. He said, “You should make a red velvet cupcake that looks normal but it’s shadow is a monster.” I ran with it.

The hardest part in creating these stickers was dealing with the clipping masks. I have worked with them before but, in order to get the shadows and highlights the way I wanted, I used the draw inside option. I could not get my designs to move after. It tool me a second to get used too.

The second hardest part was not eating my “inspiration!”



Student at Brigham Young Univeristy - Idaho
Kaitlin McKenna is a Junior at Brigham Young University-Idaho. She is majoring in Visual Communications, specializing in Journalism, with a minor in Photography. She hopes to work with non-profit organizations.

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