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I found these really neat Toy Story icons on Behance designed by Leo Natsume. A few things jumped out at me from Brother Kerr’s interview with Kyle Adams. Kyle Adams said that icons should communicate an idea as well as meet the goals of either a client or yourself. Kyle said, “You need to find out how to take the goals of a client and make something tangible.” My favorite part of the interview is when he says that when meeting these business type goals, we also are creating something that’s beautiful, tangible, and functional.

Leo Natsume designed these icons for the Disney company (digital agency was Moville) Leo said that the design was developed for a theme for Android mob. Using these icons as practical apps for your phone is such an awesome idea! I’m sure any Toy Story fanatic would adore this.

Rough Stuff

The picture above is the designer’s rough drafts for the icons with the app/function written underneath each icon. As Kyle had mentioned, you need to have goals every step of the way for designs. In these drafts, Leo clearly already knows what the function is going to be for each icon. He just needs to decide on color schemes and ways to make these icons stand out.

Widely Recognizable

Leo said that he chose the aliens to represent the contacts app because they make “contact” with others. It only makes sense to use them for that icon. I love that he put in a contact/address book in the alien’s hands. Leo was able to be creative with these icons, but he effectively stayed within the bounds of what people would easily recognize.

At first glance, most people would know that this is the calculator app. Leo does a great job of incorporating the Toy Story characters with widely recognizable symbols or preexisting icons. Leo has his reasons for choosing each character for their purpose written above the icon.

He chose Zurg from the second Toy Story film as the icon for the camera app because he had x-ray vision and inspired him to make his eye into a lens. 

The radio character, Mr. Mike, speaks for himself as an icon.

Lotso’s face is used as a calendar app.

Color and Design

I cannot show all of the icons Leo designed here because that would make an extremely long blog post. I will, however, list a few more icons talking about the color and design Leo used.


Leo used colors that were true to each character from the film. If he had gotten creative with the colors, that would have defeated the whole purpose of making them look like the Toy Story characters. 

Although the design for the apps is simple, he still creates each one with the characteristics/traits that are inherent to each character so they will be easily recognized. I think that Leo created simple yet effective designs for Disney.

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