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The inspiration for the watch that I chose to recreate out of vectors was partly chosen due to the leather band and the texture that could be seen. I do prefer a more simple style of watches, and this one seemed like a good combination. I was really worried about how I would even begin to start working on it and how I could turn something real into a vector that looked real. I started to create sketches based on this watch and started to focus on some of the details whether that be the knob or the face of the watch itself.







With these sketches, I then went into Illustrator to see where I would even begin. I started to look at a lot of the tutorial videos to see where I could even start. It seemed that starting with spacing out the minute marks would be a good option and work on the face from there. It was hard at first and took a long time, but by the first draft deadline, I was able to come up with something as shown below. Something that really helped me was being able to learn more about S curves and how they are not sudden or abrupt and straight but that they follow along with the curve of the face. 






As you can see from the draft above, I was starting to understand the concept of not everything needing to be a gradient, but rather to layer shapes on to each other instead to create these effects. The knob confused me like crazy and so I was waiting until later to work on it more. I then started to create another draft and decided to work on the bands or straps of the watch to see how I could do that.






I probably spent around 7-8 hours trying to figure out how to create the stitches and to create the right depth and perception in the straps themselves so that they did not have a 2D look. Tutorial videos saved my life here! However, even though I was able to get pretty close to the right shape and shading of the straps, something was still missing with the texture as it still looked very much like a vector. With the help in class the next day, I was able to apply the texture and it made a huge difference to the overall watch.

Next, I went to work on the knob on the side. I think I had a breakthrough with working on the straps and became a little more confident in seeing the shapes and not being afraid to replicate what I saw instead of what I think it should be. It was weird at first. I think the knob turned out way better in my final because of this. I was also able to add highlights to the straps so that it looked like there was light reflecting that too. I then looked back at my watch and realized the face looked terrible compared to the bands. I went to work with redoing the face in a more effective way. With this being said, I was very close to my finished product shown below.













My final design turned out way better than I ever thought it could have with the watch. I didn’t think it was possible for me to create something like this. I think that it helped me in knowing that I can learn new skills to create something like this. However, it also helped in teaching me how to look at objects differently to see the shapes that they are made up off. I also hate watches for the time being, but I am sure that will be over soon.


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