Time for Some Critique | Vector Paths

I decided to look into other vector watches that were created using Illustrator. This particular image had a large amount of “likes”, and I was curious to see what things made it successful, as well as what things were lacking.

I immediately noticed that the face is very detailed in comparison to the rest of the watch. The shadows give it some depth, and add a nice touch. I think the artist could have gone even more with the shadows and added them in at an angle. You can see on the month and day dials the shadows are set inside equally. This probably wouldn’t happen in reality if the light source were coming from the side. I would’ve liked to see a reference photo to see where the light source is actually coming from.

I also noticed that the hands on the watch were copied and pasted. The highlights on two of them don’t make sense because of this. It reminded me that each detail needs its one highlighting and shadowing to look realistic, as light hits each object and reflects differently because of the different angles.

On the band, I think the shadows were done nicely, it’s almost convincing. However, on the edge, the rivet doesn’t match the curves of the band. It cuts in instead of jutting out. This watch overall looks like it’s got a nice start, but there are some things that need to be tweaked.

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