My objective for this design was to make a shirt that would be clever and something that I would like to wear. I like video games and I like Star Wars so that is how I ended up with the final design.

I first started off with sketches. I thought about the shape of a shirt. My mind first went to an alien. Then from there each shape was inspired by the previous one. At one point I sketched Blue from Blue’s Clues. This turned into pistols crossing, then legs and so on. I ended up sketching the Death Start which then lead to my idea of a mix of the video game Street Fighter and a T.I.E. fighter from Star Wars.

My first draft was to just get the basic idea across. I made the logo and was inspired from the Street Fighter logo. I also added a T.I.E. fighter fighting a necktie. I added some health bars to get the gaming feel. The four colors I chose was yellow, red, black, and white.

I then moved on to making the final edits to my draft. I first decided to do pixel art to match the theme of video games and the first version of Street Fighter. I made squares and changed them into grids. I then used the live pain bucket tool to fill in each grid area to make the pixels. I first did the T.I.E. fighter. I also added a red bandanna like the main character Ryu from Street Fighter.

17a089c75caf6286a01267ab904b23dd.gif (236×360) Ryu from Street Fighter

I then decided that I would change the necktie to an X-Wing since that is what fights the T.I.E. fighters in star wars. I also did pixel art for this. I made sure that I kept the same colors for detail of the image.

I then changed the logo to be shirt friendly. I made a black and white gradient. I did a color half-tone effect to it and applied it as a overlay mask to red letters. I then made the bottom letters yellow. When the red is laid over the yellow it gives it a halftone gradient from red to yellow.

The final few things I did was add the stars to the back by making a pattern out of five squares. I also adjusted the health bars to be pixel are and made it look like the ships have already taken damage.


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