Watches are fascinating to me. They each have different parts the separate them from other watches making them unique. I love how there is so much detail in every piece.  Kate Spade is famous for her classic designs especially in her watches. The simple color schemes and simple designs make for beautiful watches. I have always admired her designs which is why I decided to recreate a photorealistic graphic of one of her classic watches. 

The Process

I started this project like i would any other project, with some sketches. I wanted to get a feel for what it would be like to create a photorealistic watch from scratch. As I started sketching I knew this project would be a challenge. I know watches had a lot of parts and details, but sketching them really put into perspective how much detail goes into them.

I sketched a few different types of watches to get a basic idea of what I wanted to recreate. I also sketched certain details of the watches to see what kind of details I liked best. I wanted to sketch different ideas to essentially help me decide what kind of watch would be the best for me to recreate. 

The design on the left was my first draft, and on the right is the actual picture of the watch. I started by outlining the shapes of the watch so that I would have a good base to build on. My rough draft was a little discouraging because I had in my head how i wanted it to look and how I knew it should look, but when I proceeded with the process, I couldn’t figure out how to make it happen. I started by stacking different sized/colored circles and hoped that it would look like the picture. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I got help from my peers and from my instructor and was able to figure out different tools that would help me accomplish my goal. 

I went back to my design and tried some new ideas. I found that a gradient would allow me to give the watch some dimension and it would be a closer match to the actual photograph. This was a step in the right direction, but I knew it was no where close to being a finished product. 

I continued by layering different gradients for the body of the watch that gave different color options and blended a lot nicer. I then drew shapes in between the rims of the watch to show how the light would be affecting the watch. I added little details onto the face of the watch, for example the little diamonds. I created shapes that would give the illusion of a diamond. I then went to the wrist band of the watch. This was a very tricky part of the process. I originally had drawn a bunch of different lines in different directions that i was going to mask in order to create texture. After some unsuccessful attempts, and some direction from my teacher, I decided to create a new pattern that I would then layer over a black shape and then distort in order to get movement. I also added gradients to the pattern.

My end goal was to recreate a watch to look photorealistic. Below is a picture of the actual watch. 

This seemed like a simple enough watch to recreate, however I was quickly reassured that it would not be as simple as I had thought. After some finished touches, such a blending gradients and colors and creating shadows, I got my finished product. Below was my final draft. 

What I learned 

I learned so much during the process of this project. I learned how incredibly important patience is. I learned that it takes hours and hours and hours to create something beautiful. I learned so many new tricks and tools in illustrator that I am excited to use on future projects. I learned that I am able to accomplish hard things, even when I think something is close to impossible. This was a huge learning process for me, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to push myself and be pushed by others to attempt something I have never done before.

*To the right is the original photograph of the watch, to the left is my recreation of it*



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