The objective of this sticker project was to express a set of ideas that reflected a group or individual. In this case, I allowed my mind to travel. I found a time period. The designs encompassed a few themes. My personal rules were to use a artistic and original stroke, remain in the same time period, and use the consistent element of facial hair.

Sketching allowed me to generate and change my ideas. This is where many of my criteria come from, especially the facial hair.

Getting into the illustration program changed a lot of things. I struggled to execute some of the ideas that I had and through this process, I learned a great deal of techniques. I filtered and augmented my ideas. They began to develop and I added shading and highlights. This was a great part of the design process.

I feel that my objectives were reached in the consistency of the design elements. I am pleased with the style and look of the figures. It was very enjoyable to see these images gain life as I illustrated them. It was a successful project.


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