Theatre stickers | Vector Paths

I was so happy to start this project! I had no idea I could create my own stickers and had them printed. 

My first idea was to design things you can find in a theme park. I took inspiration from Disney, because who doesn’t love that place?. In my sketches I draw a roller coaster, a place to eat, and some other attractions, but somehow I wasn’t having much fun designing. I decided to change my idea. I grabbed my notebook and started sketching again. I found myself drawing “theatre icons” and I love it! For the assignment we had to create 3 stickers, but I decided to create some more.

This is my first draft. There are so many thing you can do with the topic “theatre”. Some of my ideas were a chair (were the actors sit), a ticket, a soda, and a camera.I decided with the three icons below. The hardest one for me to create was the popcorn. I wanted the popcorn to look realistic and I didn’t know how to do it. I decided to use the tool pencil and draw shapes. I played with gradient and I liked the outcome.

As you can see I changed my third icon. I wasn’t sure how to design this one so I chose 3D glasses. I know now a days they are black, but I think they look more fun red and blue. It took me a while to design the lenses because I wanted them to look real.I wanted reflection.

This is my final. I really like how everything turned out to be. I am glad I changed my idea. All three designs have gradients and have the principle of alignment.



I'm a 20 year old student at BYU-Idaho studying visual communication and doing a minor in web design. I was born in the United States and had the amazing opportunity to live in France, Mexico and most of my life in Argentina.I love traveling and taking pictures.

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