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This was quite the process for me when designing these stickers. I wanted to create something that would not simply be an icon set but yet would still tell a story with each one. I recognize that each one of these does not quite explain itself which could be considered poor design, but I disagree simply because each one does tell a story however intricate or simple they may be.

I had originally planned out on different things that I could use to describe each place that I was going to be going to this summer. But as I was thinking about it more and sketching out more I began to realize that I didn’t want to make something that looked like a photograph. My instructor, Cory Kerr, taught me that illustration and design should be focused on things that you can’t photograph or thing that you normally wouldn’t see in real life. But I hadn’t hit that point of understanding until after my draft post.

This was my initial start of my stickers. I wanted to have a circle behind each one of them but I received feedback that I shouldn’t trap myself inside circles. Even though I was off to a good start with my vector of the lighthouse, it goes back to that idea of it looking like something I could photograph. I took that to heart what my professor said and I wanted to push myself creatively.

These are my three stickers that after a long and tiring two weeks I was able to refine and design. Each one is a different aspect of my upcoming trip along the west coast. The Space Needle in a Jar is meant to preserve the memories and experiences I will be having there. The purple whale represents the whale watching I will be doing in Newport, Oregon. Lastly, the chocolate trolley represents the Ghirardelli Chocolate I will be eating in San Fransisco. While each one of these varies in shape and color, each one is tied to an exciting adventure that lays before me. I am looking forward to these experiences I will have and I feel that I was able to best convey that though these sticker designs.

Adam Harper

Adam Harper

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