Through this assignment, I have learned that I can come up with weird ideas but I have an extremely hard time separating them and actually committing to one. I went through at least 20 Ideas before I actually stuck with one, so lets jump in.

The first thing I did was start sketching and I had this band called the dead rats and that’s what my sketches consisted of: (I automatically changed my mind after submitting the assignment.)

So after that I kind took a step back and just started listening to music non-stop and I ended up getting some ideas through my dreams it was weird but they continued to pop into my head so I ended up sketching them as well.

One of the ideas was 3 faces in grayscale with a rainbow coming out of their mouths after messing with it for a while I realized I don’t know how to make a person in vectors so I changed my idea again.

Another idea was a coffee mug with two people in it like a hot tub and I had troubles with the body structures of the people again so third time was a charm.

I was up super late just messing with illustrator trying to figure out what to do. I was on Pinterest and Google studying examples. My art board has never been so messy!


But I finally got an idea that actually stuck! and as soon and I imagined what it looked like I did a quick sketch and then I took to illustrator. 

I tweaked it I was having trouble with fitting everything on the artboard and it didn’t look organized so I deleted the water and focused on the spaceships and to add depth I added the circle and the night sky and made the ships and rainbows different sizes. after it was all done I tweaked colors and finally added the wording. 

and it went from that to this:

Through this project, I have learned that trial and error is frustrating it actually is beneficial in creating something you didn’t think you’d be able to do.


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