Animation is a whole different ball game when it comes to graphic design. Give me an assignment dealing with Illustrator, and i’ll be just fine! But, crating an animation in After Effects was a challenge.  

The Process

I started, as usual with sketches. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do, but before anything else, I wanted to make sure the fairy was what I wanted.

I started by designing an entire face, with eyes and full lips. The full face felt like too much for something that was going to be seen further away, and honestly, it looked a little creepy. I wanted something even more simplified, which is why I went with me second sketch.


Once I decided I liked her face, I created the rest of her body. I wanted light colors that were cute and resembled that of a fairy. The direction I wanted was always going towards more of a girlie girl look. I then designed a very simple tooth so that it wouldn’t be a distraction but an addition. Once I finished designing in Adobe Illustrator, I moved my design into Adobe After Effects.

This is an image of when I was almost done with my animation. The idea I had in my head when attempting this animation was that I would have the tooth fairy wave her wand and turn a plain white tooth into a gold tooth. My first draft was simple her stating in one spot and flicking her wand at the tooth and then the tooth would turn from white to gold with a slide transition. I This first design was very choppy and pretty boring to watch. After meeting with my instructor, we decided that it would be better to had a drip transition on the tooth.

Below are two shot of the transition with the new drip idea. This made the animation flow a lot more smoothly. Finally, I wanted to add more to what the fairy was doing. I decided to have her come out from the left side of the screen and fly up to the tooth and then proceed to wave her wand and turn the tooth to gold. 

The Final Product 

This project was so challenging for me, but I loved learning something new. Its amazing to me how fast you apply the things you learn and create something new. I loved being able to come up with an idea that wouldn’t just act as a picture, but that had movement. I felt that I was able to accomplish my goal, and I was satisfied with my final product. 



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