The Tears of a Clown | Vector Paths

The color scheme remains mostly monochromatic, aside from one warm tone included. This attracts the eye to the poster because it creates contrast. The artist contrasted the colors tastefully, especially with his or her use of the monochromatic cool tones and one surprising warm tone. 

The artist used repetitious curves. His or her use of the curves creates consistency. 

I also like that the artist chose to frame “Coldplay” and the event info. They used leading lines and bottom-heavy curves to frame the text. 

The artist also used the rule of thirds to improve the composition of the poster. 

Jocelyn Smith

Jocelyn Smith

Student at Brigham Young University- Idaho
I grew up in Huntington Beach, California. I attend Brigham Young University- Idaho where I am studying Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations.

I am a certified yoga instructor. I love yoga and I love teaching yoga. I have a passion for health and having balance.

I love learning about visual design and I hope to continue to improve in that skill set.
Jocelyn Smith

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