I decided to do a flier for an indie-punk type band. I had a lot of fun with this project because it allowed me to be more creative and care less about what actually makes sense. I drew a lot of influence from show posters I’ve seen from bands like The Growlers and Mac Demarco. 

I started off by just sketching out ideas. I liked the name, The Spooks, and I wanted the poster to have a weird, artsy feel to it. I really liked a lot of the ideas that I came up with, but ultimately decided to go with the arms. 

When I did my draft, I used the pen tool to create the “sea” of arms, with three of them leaving the path and pointing towards the band logo in the middle. I liked the concept a lot, but decided that the illustration looked too much like the work of Dr. Suess, which isn’t quite what I wanted for this band.

In the end, I abandoned the idea of doing long, bendy arms and went for more realistic hands that would be interacting with the text. The hands were created using the pen tool, and the text was hand drawn and vectorized. 

Tanner Waite

Tanner Waite

Student at BYU-Idaho
I'm studying advertising and visual media. I currently work with a local business in Rexburg as an events coordinator and graphic designer.
Tanner Waite

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