For this poster I knew I wanted to do a punk rock anti-government style poster and so my sketches I really tried to capture that raw anarchist sentiment like Against All Authority or Rise Against. 

I chose to work on the long poster on the left as I was working on it, it just didn’t feel like a strong design so I scraped it and started over. The first thing that came to mind was an explosion that I had watercolored. With the name like The Purge why not make it about purging humanity. So I started to work with that and wanted to keep a warm/cool color palette but it was feel too saturated.

I tried to desaturate a lot of it but it was still to much and I wasn’t feeling it still.

Still not feeling it I decided to go all out with colors then I remembered old pulp fiction like Tales from the Crypt and wanted to make something like a cover for a horror comic so I decided to design all the band members as skeletons and place them around the radioactive neon explosion. Added some half tones to the type as well as some contrasting colors to really capture that pulp feel and ended up with my final poster.



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Illustrator and graphic designer, I am currently a student and working for BYU-Idaho as a graphic designer.

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