The Nixon 51-30 is back! | Vector Paths

A photo realistic watch took me a great amount of time. I enjoyed creating something that looks like a real photograph. It was hard and stressful but totally worth it. The hardest part is never feeling like you are totally done. I can stare at this watch for hours and finally think of something to change to make it better. 


During my draft stage i was working off of one photo that was not very good. I could not tell where the light was so all of my light sources are inconsistent. I was still using outlines as well. The nobs are super unrealistic as well and do not have any dimension. I was still trying to figure out how to use gradients correctly as well. I finally found another picture to use to so that i could figure out the light source instead of trying to make it up.


This final came from the combination of two photos. I used the light source mainly for the black and white watch and i used the set up from the gold and white watch. This ceramic watch was difficult for me to understand how the light would hit it. It was metallic but it also was not plastic so there is almost a mixture of the two looks. 

The take away

I learned a lot from creating this watch. I think i have grown more in this past two weeks then i have the entire time prior to working with illustrator. I caught on to a lot of the shortcuts a lot quicker and was able to asses what the problem was with my watch and the program. I came to a better understanding of how the program works. It is hard for me to stay organized because at one point i had 6 or 7 different versions of the same watch. I would change one little thing on it and then change it back or keep it and work off of it.



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