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While I was trying to come up with how I would want my own band to sound, I started going through my playlists listening for music that I could put an image to. I actually started a gig poster for ACDC, as it helped me hear a sound, and create an image that would represent what the music felt like. I really enjoyed sketching it out so I put it into Illustrator to start practicing adding colors and painting.   

After working on some sketches for my own band, I went through sketching and basic Illustrator painting for three drafts before I landed on the idea that would end up being my final poster.                                                                                                                                   I ended up with my final idea after working on the above draft and choosing the eyes as a feature to focus on. After playing around with quite a few fonts for my band’s name, I decided to write my own. 

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Sariah Southwick

Sariah Southwick is a Visual Communication and Photography student at Brigham Young University-Idaho.
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