Objective: I wanted to make something from my childhood as  I first try icons. My first thoughts went to the game The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. This was such and iconic game from my childhood. I can still remember lot’s of things concerning this game. I have played lots of Zelda games and these were the inspiration for the icon set.


I first started off by sketching different things from the Zelda games that I remembered.

I started with the Tri-force then I moved on from that. I thought about different weapons, characters, and items. I eventually narrowed it down to 12 items I wanted to create.

For me these are the most iconic things from all the Zelda games that I have played. I started off by making the different items; the Master sword, the Ocarina of Time, the Tri-Force and Navi. From there I made the different characters. I used the same head as a template and altered it accordingly to make the different characters. I finished with the moon and the mask.

This was my first draft. I looks nice, but not really like an icon set. I set to work removing the gradients. I also removed most of the strokes, because they were pretty busy on the page. I also tried working in some cell shading to replace the gradients. My final product looked great.


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