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The University of Houston had a digital media showcase of various students work found at:

I found an awesome recreation by Saemah Salahuddin of the Armani Exchange watch. There are three aspects of his piece I would like to focus on for this reverse engineering post. 



I loved the diamond pattern that he recreated through the use of highlights and shadows. I feel the highlights really make the diamonds feel like they are raised off the face of the watch. He definitely understood the importance of following the light source and creating a balance of light and dark. The uniformity makes everything look clean and professional. 


His use of shadows help to created an added dimension of depth. I really like the difference in the circles around the face of the watch. By having a thick circle with a shadow fading down followed by a smaller circle with a shadow fading up it creates the look of the watch caving in. His use of shadows in other places continues to add real quality and control over the edges. 


It’s amazing how gradients can create depth and movement in the watch, especially in the band. I think the manipulation of color and light is amazing. It’s also interesting to note how he had a more dark and thick gradient on the bottom portion since it farther away from the light source. It looks like you can reach out and feel the ridges in-between each piece of the band. I also like how he has a radial gradient/ vignette effect around the watch to add to the contrast. 

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