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When a llama wears a bowtie, does it wear it at the top of its neck underneath its jaw or does it wear it at the base of its neck near its chest? Or does it wear multiple bowties to make sure that each square inch of its neck is in close proximity to the dapperness that is a black bowtie? These are the questions that plague me at night.

Concerts are one of my favorite things along with exploring llama conundrums while I lie sleeplessly in bed. So combining two of my passions was really fun for me on this project.

To make a poster for a “gig” or music concert, the poster has to show visually what it would feel like to be at that concert. I love rock music with folk and vintage undertones, so I wanted my poster to give off that vibe but with a lot of weirdness sprinkled all over. So I began with sketching.


The requirements of this project were to make up an imaginary band so I got to choose what my band was going to be called. I settled on Handel Bars after playing around with some other names. I had many different sketches around the llama/ alpaca idea and a couple that went in the evil bunny direction. I kept coming back to the llama though, so I decided to run with it.

I saw a photo once of a llama with heart shaped sunglasses on and I fell in love. My llama needed heart shaped sunglasses. And of course it was going to have multiple bowties because of its long neck. 

DISCLAIMER: My llama is not necessarily a llama. It is sort of an alpaca/ llama hybrid because when I googled “llama pictures” it gave me alpacas too and I didn’t notice until my LlamAlpaca had already formed its shape.

I was excited to get color onto this guy and get his personality coming forward so I moved into Adobe Illustrator. 

I immediately loved my LlamAlpaca’s personality in the first draft. He was way cooler than I was. I did not love the way I made the words look on the glasses or on the bowties so I needed to change that ASAP. I also needed to add more depth to his face and decide what to do with the background.

I made those changes and was playing around with the background when it came to me. This LlamAlpaca is in a frame. He needs to be on a wall. More specifically a grandmother’s vintage wallpapered sitting room wall. With a plaque underneath. That would give me a place to put the text that I was not loving inside the bowties.

And thus my final gig poster was made! His quirky little furry head hangs in some grandmother’s sitting room, announcing the concert that will be held in one of my favorite venues, on my birthday.

I hope to see you there!

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