The Greatest Show | Vector Paths

My project goal was to create twelve icons that represented characters in The Greatest Showman. The first thing that I did was make a list of all the prominent characters in the movie. After that I narrowed it down to the twelve that I thought were the most popular. Then I began sketching.

At first I was planning on having their faces shown so that people could get a sense of their personality through their expression. Eventually I realized that I didn’t like that and I went for a more simplistic approach and I saw that with their hair and their hats the characters were all distinguishable.

As I worked I realized that the short hair or the up-do’s were much more enjoyable for me to do than the characters who wore their hair down. It was also a major struggle for me to figure how to keep their heads looking proportioned as well as adding dimension to their hair.

As I was creating these I was thinking mostly as if they were going to be used on a web page about the show. I kept them very simple for that reason. Over all I feel like it was a major learning curve since I had never used Illustrator on this level before. It was great to see what I could do with Illustrator.

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