Creating a gig poster takes a great deal of creativity and time, but that’s part of the reason I decided to take on the project. I knew I needed to work on learning how to be creative. There were several ways in which I dug for ideas. First, a lot of sketching. My first several sketches were not what my final product turned out to be. At all. I worked with word maps to think of ideas, too. What are word maps? Think of a word, then words that relate to that word, and more words that relate to those words. Make sense? There is an example in my initial sketch of a couple word maps I worked on.

When I kept working with my first idea, I felt a sense of dread and knew I needed some passion. I needed to come up with an idea I cared about in order to care about continuing to create. Something I have always cared about is the environment. I also have a love for plants. This is where my idea sprung from. So I began sketching. Again.

Finally, I started in Illustrator. I created “plant heads” per say and thought it was a good idea for a band name. I came up with a couple different arrangements for these illustrations.  

These Illustrator creations seemed to simple to me. I wanted to add more. This is where a mess of ideas came in and I made something I really didn’t like. This is where I began feeling like I was done with sketching, out of ideas, and just plain stuck. So I went to my peers for feedback. This feedback is what changed my gig poster into something I once again liked. This feedback left me feeling unstuck.

I once again, came up with a new idea for a band name: The Environmentalists. That’s what stuck. I destroyed the remnants of fire and hanging shrubbery and worked to really enhance the plant holder, shirt, and plant. It finally felt like it was coming together. Despite this, I still had work to do.

I made some final adjustments and to the plant and removed the gradients I had previously applied. I felt my objective of learning to be more creative was successfully met, as I went through a lengthy creation process and finished with the graphic below. 



I'm a senior at Brigham Young University-Idaho. I love photography, design, and everything outdoors.

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