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I follow a clothing brand called Bangarang on Instagram because I love their shirt designs, all produced by a creator named Jay Ross. Most of his style consists of melting aspects, single bright colors against monochromatic backgrounds and a heavy emphasis on a “screw you” attitude.

Unfortunately, most of Ross’ content is school inappropriate but I love this recreation of the “Creation of Adam” with boxing/muay thai wraps. He had a hand-drawn design in the same fashion that read “and the earth was filled with violence”.


I was drawn to this graphic and Ross’ style in general because of its simplicity. There are three main colors used in this image: red, black and white. All the wrap/knuckle lines were done with black and the blood red wraps stand out against the pitch black background. The recreation of such a classic piece of art not only conveys a recognizable message of “the beginning” but with the wraps it helps hone in on a niche audience.


Although there are the three main colors used throughout the design to keep up with simplicity, the creator added a texture mask to create contrast, it’s easiest seen in the upper and lower edges of the image. This addition helps the image, including background, stay alive instead of just a flat dull background. It’s a shade of red as well which ties into the wrap color scheme.

Wrapped in Style

Overall, I think the greatest aspect of Ross’ work is the style that flows throughout each of his pieces regardless of their content. I like that he stays consistent and this is a great example of how to take something that could be quickly over-thought and minimize shading, perspective and detail. The colors pop out of the page and yet successfully convey a message easily recognizable to his intended audience. He also centers his piece on the artboard and ensures that even with background textures, it doesn’t distract from the content subject.




AriElle is a photographer who focuses on combat sports. Most of her work is geared towards bringing women into the martial arts community. She loves working to improve her videography and design skills.

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