The job was to design 12 different icons that were cohesive and looked like the belonged in a set. When beginning this project I struggle to come up with an initial concept that I wanted to create. I knew that I wanted to do something that I loved and that I was passionate about but wanted to do something different then others have done in the past. So I got on Pinterest and started looking up icons. I came across some beetles and bugs that I thought would be really fun to design and so that is what I went with.

I first started with sketches. I looked a different types of beetles and sketched every different type of beetle that I could find. I find that sketching helps get me in the creative mindset and helps me to get my concepts out so that I can see them. It allows me to come up with new ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of just by thinking. 

After sketching I did some more detailed drawings of specific bugs that I thought would be the best to take to the computer. Doing this really helped nail down the individual shapes of the bugs so that I could take them into illustrator to start designing.

When I started designing in Illustrator I found that some of the shapes were a little difficult to create. I had a hard time make the bugs symmetrical but I found to a trick to overcome that. Overall I really liked how these beetles were coming and the shapes are pretty good on them. But I knew that they could be better.

For my final draft I created 6 more beetles to complete the 12 and also got some critique on what could make these icons that much better. I was told that if I give my icons more dimension it would make them stand out more. I added shadows to the beetles to do just that, give these icons more dimension, which is what I was missing when creating my draft. I also cleaned up my lines on the body of the beetles and made sure the color scheme was consistent throughout which help make them more cohesive.

By creating something that was different then others, pushing myself to do better and having fun with this project I met my objective.

Baylie Jones

Baylie Jones

Hello! Im Baylie Jones. I’m an Arizona native, graphic designer, and photographer with big dreams. Currently obsessed with: Panera, puppies, and succulents. Keepin' it real since 1996.
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