For this project I wanted to make a gig poster for the fictional band Express Elevator. I wanted to make a monotone poster that came across as edgy and punk.

I used my sketches to explore some different ideas. This included the idea of a breaking rope or cable, falling, and some other random ideas.

For my draft I went with the idea of someone pushing open an elevator door with a braking elevator cable in the foreground. This was a pretty abstract idea and things didn’t quite turn out as intended.

I then hit a rut. I wasn’t sure how to continue on with my idea so I spent some time on a different idea.

This idea didn’t work out but it gave my mind a break and I was able to go back to my poster and make my final.

I like how this turned out much better. It didn’t quite have the edge I wanted but it was much better than where my draft was originally headed.

Rachel Barney

Rachel Barney

My name is Rachel Barney and I am from Burley, Idaho. I am web design and development student a Brigham Young University - Idaho.Enjoy the outdoors and many forms of media entertainment.
Rachel Barney

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