The Objective

The objective of this project was to create three stickers that were either each their own idea or create a set of stickers. I loved the freedom that this project allowed. I had done some sketches in the past of sushi because I love how simple but cool sushi looks.

The Process

I decided to revisit the idea of illustrating sushi and sketch a more variations. Although I love how all different kinds of sushi look, I thought it could be really cool to create some simple sashimi. 

I decided to focus on these three. I thought these would be best to make stickers out of. It would allow me to add as much detail as I wanted, or very little detail. 

After doing some sketches, I started to illustrate the sushi. I really wanted the colors to pop so I chose bright colors, that still resembled the type fish. I wanted to find a happy medium of lots of detail and little detail, so, I added enough so that it was obviously sushi. I also wanted to make the sushi look good enough to eat. So I added the highlights and shadows to make to fish look juicier. I liked the direction I was headed, but it felt too plain, and the colors were too similar. I wanted one of them to really stand out but still be complementary. 

I decided to take away the salmon because it was very similar to the tuna, and the colors were very similar to the shrimp. I decided to add and octopus and make it purple because it would break away from the reds and oranges. I thought this was a good addition that added enough of a pop of color but still the same style as the others. 

The Final Product 

I really enjoyed this project. I felt that I had a lot of freedom, but at the same time, it wasn’t stressful. I enjoyed creating something that I love with a different perspective. 




Hello! I'm Rebekah Sevy, a student at Brigham Young University - Idaho. I am currently studying Communication with an emphasis in Visual Media. My passion is photography.

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