I made a gig poster for the band Summer Snow. This is a band name that I thought of a long time ago and if I ever did make a band that is what I would want to call it. I decided that the band would be an electro swing band, swing music with techno beats. I have recently started listening to this music and have found it to be catchy.

I first started off with sketches. I knew that I wanted a snow and summer theme so I started with a snow man and worked my way through swing era stuff. I ended up choosing a sunset beach for the final few sketches.

I then started to work on the poster. I first made a snowman head. I then added some shades and a fancy hat from the swing time period. I thought that this could be a cloud. I then started to work on the sun and the beach. I had an idea to have water coming from the saxophone that the snowman is playing. I made my first draft.

After talking with the teacher and some peer I decided to further develop the design that I had. First thing is that I changed the color scheme. I originally had a split complementary color scheme with gold, brick, and blue. I then changed it to a tetradic color scheme with gold, indigo, brick, and teal.

I also added a lot of detail to the water. I added varying degrees of value. I also added some splashes and drops. I added more details to the clouds. I also added cartoon arms as per the time period. I finished up with adding the text along the shore, like wet sad on the beach. I also added the splat textures, some as color dodge others as color burn.


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