I think this project takes the cake for being the most enjoyable thus far! Striving to create something I would want to wear made me think differently about what I was designing. It was really fun to create something I knew I would like and be proud of. 


For those of you who aren’t acquainted with the hunting world when the elk start to rut it is the best time to hunt. I wanted to play off the word rut. “Stuck in a rut” is a phrase to describe being stuck in a boring, monotonous lifestyle, adding an elk silhouette to this phrase gives it a dual meaning. It is a fun little pun for the hunting world. 


Finding a style that wasn’t too hard core hunter yet still appealed to that target audience was a little tricky. I tried doing a camo pattern in the RUT and I wasn’t in love.  

I wanted a more modern, rustic feel so I stuck with solids. When hunting it is a rule that you have to wear orange somewhere on your body at all times, just in case there are other hunters close by you can spot each other to stay safe. I tried to incorporate that hunter orange and came up with this…


Better, yet it was a little more masculine than I would personally wear and I really wanted something I would be excited to wear. At this point I stopped by the BYUI THINK printing shop and looked at my tee shirt options. I knew I wanted to do a grey baseball tee but I didn’t know what they had in stock. Turns out they only had a lighter grey in my size which actually worked out better than the dark grey. After I knew what tee shirt I would be printing on I went back and did some adjusting to my design. I had two new goals, let more of the light grey show through the design and tie the typography and design together. I tried a few different variations of circles…

This looked too much like a big sticker …

and this circle didn’t really tie the design together it just looked like a random circle. I ditched the circle idea and came up with an interesting arrangement to pull together the design and type. This is my final product..


TADA! I love it! The :”stuck in a” part looks nestled in the antlers giving the appearance of being stuck. And the RUT is bold and rustic and is tied together with the elk rather than them being two separate pieces. Once I sent it to the printer the employee there was SO helpful in making sure it was sized correctly. She even test printed and found that the U was too dark in the orange. So I decided to cut the U out of the elk face and let the grey show through. It was really rewarding to see it all come together. 

Printing with BYUI THINK was awesome! I had a great experience with their customer service and with the final product. I chose to do dye sublimation and I was happy with the texture and quality of the graphic. 




Graphic Designer at BYUI IT Department
Hi Guys! My name is Taylor Sweeten and I am currently a student full time and work part time as a graphic designer in the IT department on the BYU Idaho campus. I was born and raised in Canada but my husband and I live in Rexburg Idaho. I love working in illustrator and I am excited to expand my knowledge and skills in vector graphics.

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